The Product of Regret

Anything can be in the darkness

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I think the graph of happiness vs money is a normal curve.

Just developed a censorship in sharing information.

I like shaking people on pedestals

to see if they truly are worthy

of being in the spotlight.

More often than not,

they fall and splatter. 

I like raising people who have fallen

to see them become better

from being crippled

More often than not,

they surpass me

You don’t need to know. I just want you to want to know.

Stuck in the land of under-appreciation.

I will fade if I keep silent.

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Would a biography of mine be a mixture of short stories of how I affected people in my life (no matter how small or big that may be)? Would it be something worth reading even if technically I am not the protagonist in any of the stories? Would that even be considered a biography? 

"Every true poet is a monster."

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Tomaž Šalamun, from “Folk Song,” trans. Charles Simic (via proustitute)